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Hell Camp

This year I was given the opportunity to sponsor a local event known as Hell Camp.

I've never personally participated in Hell Camp because, honestly, it looks terrifying. It is a day of intense boot camp style fitness challenges run by a trainer named AJ who has been referred to as The Devil (among other things). Actually, AJ is a killer trainer and I worked with him for almost 2 years while a member at 9 Round in Summerville. He and the rest of the staff there will get you in and out in 30 minutes while giving you and intense boxing-based HIIT routine! You will leave there sweaty and ready to fall over, but once that dies down, you will feel amazing! (Check them out at

This year, however, the ticket to participate comes with my sponsorship, and I must say I'm considering it. I am not in the best shape of my life at the moment, and I am not confident in my abilities, but I have been assured by others who have participated in the past that I would be able to complete it! Even if I decide not to participate, I can still attend and take lots of photos of those folks who do decide to participate!

I am also hoping to do a little more work with fitness photography with photographing trainers and athletes in their prime. My SO is a fitness trainer and I have taken photos before for trainers, and I just love the raw power in the photos!

While I was putting together some information to send to those who run the advertising for Hell Camp, I whipped up this little image to go along with it!

I'm hoping that this will be a great opportunity to share some of my work with those who maybe wouldn't normally have the chance to see it! This year is the year that I am putting more into advertising. More work, more effort, and more of my hard-earned dollars. In the past I have relied almost exclusively on word of mouth and the occasional boosted Facebook post, but I have realized that if this is going to be a successful career for me, which doesn't need to be supplemented by other jobs, I am going to have to work hard and get my name, my face, and my work into the hands of the people who I want to work with!

The next Hell Camp will be held on June 23 in Summerville, SC and anyone who wants to look into it can check out their Facebook page via the link below.

If you would like to see more of my work, or follow along with what I'm up to, check out my social media sites below!

Thanks for reading!

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